I have never had success with orchids, but my daughter’s orchid is blooming again. They are gorgeous flowers. When you look at the intricate parts in the flower, God’s handiwork is very evident.


Nymphaea Odorata

Nymphaea Odorata is the fancy name for the water lilies we see in our small lakes. I was able to take these pictures earlier this month.
I’ve learned that the following parts can be eaten raw: flowers, leaves, ripe seeds.
Flowerbuds can be cooked and the rhizome can be boiled or roasted.
I have never tried eating any parts of the water lily, but I know I enjoy seeing them floating on the top of the water.

Spotted Jewelweed

Impatiens Capensis, also known as Spotted Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-me-not, and Orange touch-me-not, has decided that it likes the conditions in our back yard.

I know it is a weed, but as Eeyore says,  “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”.

They grow in moist shady areas, in woods, streams and river banks. This year we have a lot of moist areas because of the weather, and they are thriving.

They grow as high as 5 feet, and flower from July to September, so they are perfect in our backyard wildflower area.

Their seedpods open very easily, with just a slight touch. This gives them the name “touch-me-not”.  The sap from the stems supposedly relieves itches from poison ivy and insect bites.



Snapping Turtles

It’s been awhile since I took some pictures of snapping turtles. We see them in springtime, laying eggs alongside the road. My sister and her husband were here for a short time, and she was hoping to see a snapping turtle. So … we stopped and took some photos.

The next pictures are of one swimming at our beach. I watched it swim past the boat, under the dock, and on past where I was sitting. At first I didn’t know what it was, but soon realized it must be a very big turtle. Wow! And we swim in there.























An Emerging Dragonfly

When I was out in my kayak a week or so ago, I saw something strange floating in the water. As I got closer, it looked like a dragonfly … or two. I wasn’t sure what, but took the picture to find out what it was.

When I looked it up, it seems that this is a dragonfly that has just emerged and has shed its skin on the plant. Wow!

It reminded me of how we are changed when we turn our lives over to the Lord Jesus Christ. We become a new creation.

Rain, Rain, and More Rain

This spring it seems like it has rained more often than other years. Our spring runoff wasn’t too bad, but then the rain started. We had flooding at our place, and all around us, there were people dealing with flooding. It has not been an easy spring for people.

Places near the water were hit the most.

When it seemed that it was high, it got higher still.

It has not only affected people, but has also affected some of the birds. The mallards were looking to set up nests, but we have not seen any ducklings. The nests must have gotten washed out.

This duck used our shed to roost on. Is it too much water even for her?

And then we saw this groundhog – up on a stump enjoying what little sun we have had.

We have seen him up there several times. Does this indicate that the ground is pretty saturated?

It reminds me of tough times that we can be going through. We don’t have to face our problems alone if we belong to the Lord and turn our problems over to Him.

Enjoying God's Handiwork In Haliburton and Beyond