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The Difference a Week Makes

A week ago, our lake looked like this. We had just had an April snowstorm, and the ice was starting to melt at  the edge of the lake.

Now the lake looks like this. The ice has become very slushy, and is at one end of the lake.

My husband decided to take his old boat out and see what the ice was like.

You can see his venture into the ice in this picture.


Our First Snowfall of the Year

One of my favourite times of the year is the first snowfall. It doesn’t always come when we expect it, and often catches some of us before we have everything done for the winter.  I enjoy seeing the lake still open, the loons on the lake, and the snow along the shore and on the trees.

My geraniums might have been shocked by the snow this morning.
We’ve had a beautiful fall – the leaves still look good in places.
Some people don’t have their docks in yet.






Rainbows at Niagara

Sometimes in late afternoon when the sun is going down, you see a rainbow at Niagara Falls. I had never seen this before, so this was a real highlight for me when we were there. Rainbows happen when the sunlight beams hit raindrops (or mist in this case) and they separate into different colours. The mist was actually condensing and coming down on us in raindrops.

It was beautiful to see, especially with the sunset that was only lighting the American side of the falls.

According to the Bible, God gave us the rainbow as a reminder of His promise that He would not flood the entire world again. Whenever I see it, I am reminded  that we have a Creator who loves us.

Whenever I bring clouds over the earth 
and the rainbow appears in the clouds, 
I will remember my covenant … 
never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.
Genesis 9:14,15

Winter in West Guilford

This has been quite the winter here in West Guilford. It seems we just keep getting more and more snow. We weren’t hit too hard for the ice storm – just enough to make the trees look pretty, but we certainly have lots of snow.

 Since the snow has come so much heavier this year, we have had to have the roof cleaned off twice already. Our neighbours have all been shovelling too.

Our travel trailer is well covered, as well as the boat. It has been very beautiful.

The deep snow has made it harder for the deer. They have eaten a lot of the lower branches of our cedar trees and bushes. We often see them when we are out walking, or when we look at a window. This isn’t usual, especially at this time of year. We don’t usually see much of them until closer to March.


The lake is frozen pretty good now, and the fishermen are taking advantage of this. We have about 8 ice huts out on our lake. 

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis 1:1