The Difference a Week Makes

A week ago, our lake looked like this. We had just had an April snowstorm, and the ice was starting to melt at  the edge of the lake.

Now the lake looks like this. The ice has become very slushy, and is at one end of the lake.

My husband decided to take his old boat out and see what the ice was like.

You can see his venture into the ice in this picture.


Lake Minnewanka

I’m still going through photos from our trip to Banff this past summer. When we finished the trip to Mount Norquay, we visited Lake Minnewanka.

This is a very beautiful lake and would be good to revisit. It is 21 km long, so we only saw one very small part. They have boat cruises going out during the summer – this will have to be on our bucket list if/when we visit the area again.

Mount Norquay, Banff, Alberta

Last summer, my daughter and I went to Mount Norquay, overlooking Banff. She went to climb the mountain, and I went to take photos. Both of us really enjoyed ourselves.

Looking up at Mount Norquay
Signing her life away
One of the residents – obviously the mesh didn’t keep the birds from nesting
On the way up the mountain to climb
The view from the chairlift as I went up
Before the climb – overlooking Banff
And off they go
Higher and higher
Small people in comparison to Mount Norquay
The last view of them as they climbed
Banff from Mount Norquay


Enjoying God's Handiwork In Haliburton and Beyond