Water Drops

I decided to try my hand at water drops again, as I won’t have much time once I’m back at work. For this shot I stuck a flower to the white back drop and bounced my flash off of it. This is what put the reflection of the flower into the water drop. I have a Canon EOS Rebel T1i, and an 18-200 mm lens.  I found using Raw made the post production slower, but so much nicer when you can change the White Balance in the computer.

Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees … Genesis 1:11

Settings: 1/200, F29; Manual Focus (turned off IS), Raw format, Flash: Manual 1/16.


I’m new at blogging, and still fairly new at photography, which is an exciting challenge and hobby for me. God has given us so much to look at and enjoy, and photography allows us to capture some of this in photos.
I thought I could use this to record some of my journey as I am learning about photography. I plan to upload some of my pictures that I am taking. There should be some changes as I go, I hope. As we learn, there should be improvement in what we do.

In the beginning, God created … Genesis 1:1

Enjoying God's Handiwork In Haliburton and Beyond