Rain, Rain, and More Rain

This spring it seems like it has rained more often than other years. Our spring runoff wasn’t too bad, but then the rain started. We had flooding at our place, and all around us, there were people dealing with flooding. It has not been an easy spring for people.

Places near the water were hit the most.

When it seemed that it was high, it got higher still.

It has not only affected people, but has also affected some of the birds. The mallards were looking to set up nests, but we have not seen any ducklings. The nests must have gotten washed out.

This duck used our shed to roost on. Is it too much water even for her?

And then we saw this groundhog – up on a stump enjoying what little sun we have had.

We have seen him up there several times. Does this indicate that the ground is pretty saturated?

It reminds me of tough times that we can be going through. We don’t have to face our problems alone if we belong to the Lord and turn our problems over to Him.

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