Spotted Jewelweed

Impatiens Capensis, also known as Spotted Jewelweed, Spotted Touch-me-not, and Orange touch-me-not, has decided that it likes the conditions in our back yard.

I know it is a weed, but as Eeyore says,  “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”.

They grow in moist shady areas, in woods, streams and river banks. This year we have a lot of moist areas because of the weather, and they are thriving.

They grow as high as 5 feet, and flower from July to September, so they are perfect in our backyard wildflower area.

Their seedpods open very easily, with just a slight touch. This gives them the name “touch-me-not”.  The sap from the stems supposedly relieves itches from poison ivy and insect bites.



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